Submit your Insta poetry

Fancy yourself as an Insta poet…?

There’s rarely a week goes by when we don’t see another article about the ‘rise of the Insta poets’. Some of them are celebratory, some of them are scathing and not many of them fall in between.

But the fact is, social media is a great way for poets to share their work and also a great way for the public to access it. We want to use our channels to promote grassroots, so we’re hosting an ‘Insta open mic’.

Nymphs & Thugs

We’re encouraging poets of all ages, styles and backgrounds to submit excerpts of their poetry, which we’ll then feature on our feed. The excerpts will be typed-up and presented like the examples above.

The best way to submit is via Direct Message on Instagram, but you can also submit via email to if you prefer. We try our best to post all excerpts as soon as possible!