KPG & TGC live 4MH Sessions online

We’ve been treated to some live sessions from Kevin P. Gilday & The Glasgow Cross, featuring some stripped-back performances at 4MH Studios in Glasgow.

A trio of videos – ‘An Atheist’s Prayer’, ‘Deep Sea Diver’ and ‘The Vision (Jesus Of Possil)’ – are available to view on our YouTube channel (there’s a dedicated KPG & TGC playlist here) and also on our Facebook page.

And not only that, we’ve added the audio from those tracks plus ‘Me, Masculine Me’ to the ‘Experience Essential‘ album on our Bandcamp site. You’ll now receive a high-quality download of all 19 tracks when you purchase the digipack CD.

You can also purchase the tracks as a straight-up download, and on the opposite end of the scale, there’s a vinyl available via Iffy Folk Records.