As part of a project with BBC Arts, Salena Godden responded to one of the internet’s most asked questions: ‘is there anybody out there?’

The video was filmed in a storage warehouse and deserted space in East London, with Salena exploring what it might be like “round the back of the internet”. You can watch the video here.

The project also involved teaming up with Google Arts & Culture. There’s an interview and some ace pics on their dedicated page. Have a butcher’s!

We’ve been treated to some live sessions from Kevin P. Gilday & The Glasgow Cross, featuring some stripped-back performances at 4MH Studios in Glasgow.

A trio of videos – ‘An Atheist’s Prayer’, ‘Deep Sea Diver’ and ‘The Vision (Jesus Of Possil)’ – are available to view on our YouTube channel (there’s a dedicated KPG & TGC playlist here) and also on our Facebook page.

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Fancy yourself as an Insta poet…?

There’s rarely a week goes by when we don’t see another article about the ‘rise of the Insta poets’. Some of them are celebratory, some of them are scathing and not many of them fall in between.

But the fact is, social media is a great way for poets to share their work and also a great way for the public to access it. We want to use our channels to promote grassroots, so we’re hosting an ‘Insta open mic’.

Nymphs & Thugs

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As part of Arts Council Collection’s Store To Tour project, Matt Abbott was commissioned to write a series of poems in response to the ‘Revolt & Revolutions’ exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Matt regularly visited YSP as a kid, and has been a social and political activist since his mid-teens, so it was the ideal commission; writing poetry in response to the punk portraits and the show overall.

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