Nymphs & Thugs’ ‘LIVEwire’ events from September to April

New month, new column. Following last week’s announcement of our biggest series of ‘LIVEwire’ events to date, I’ve written in The State of The Arts to give an insight into why I’m so passionate about these events, and the sort of thing that you can expect from them.

The column is here – so please have a read and then share! Ta very much.

You may remember that a fair while back, I wrote a monthly spoken word round-up for The State of the Arts. Unfortunately the round-up simply became too time-consuming as projects developed behind the scenes, but my new monthly poetry column serves up a completely different flavour.

Nymphs & Thugs | Luke Wright
Luke Wright’s London vinyl launch back in February

On the 1st of every month, the column will provide features, interviews, spotlights and more from the spoken word poetry scene, at home and abroad. One of the aims of Nymphs & Thugs has always been to showcase dynamic and alternative poets, regardless of where they are or how well we might know them directly.

The first column is online here. Ahead of our next big announcement, I’m using this column to provide a bit of a ‘story so far’ for Nymphs & Thugs as a spoken word poetry organisation, and to underline who we are and where we want to be in the future. It’s just over 4 years since the idea was first conceived, and it’s been a bloody good journey so far.

Video produced by Idle Work Factory in October 2016

Anyway, I won’t keep you – have a read of the column, and stay tuned for a major announcement from Nymphs & Thugs HQ in a fortnight’s time. See ya then…

Today’s copy of The Guardian includes a cover feature on “the rise and rise of the new poets”, with two out of the five poets being Nymphs & Thugs artists Toria Garbutt and Matt Abbott.

The article also includes a piece of work from each of the poets.

Toria and Matt are featured alongside multiple international award-winner Raymond Antrobus, Ted Hughes Award winner Jay Bernard and Theresa Lola. Click here for a read!