Welcome to Roaring 20s Radio: a brand new programme on Soho Radio created to amplify the best of art, culture, books, poetry and activism as we roar into the next decade. Roaring 20s Radio is presented by Salena Godden, Amah-Rose Abrams and Matt Abbott. Our first episode will be broadcast on Soho Radio on Saturday 16 November 2019 at 2pm, featuring special guest Rookes talking about her incredible new EP with a live interview in the studio. Following this first broadcast, we air at 2pm on the third Saturday of each month.

Our monthly residency will celebrate and champion the people that are roaring in the face of adversity. Each episode will feature exciting live studio guests, round-ups from our specialist fields and the Roaring ‘20s quiz. Plus we’ll play some of our favourite tunes and chat our way through the political turbulence that dominates the world. The Roaring ‘20s quiz involves sharing a series of extraordinary quotes, facts and news items from past and present and discussing and guessing who said it and which decade it was from: proving no matter how far back we go, there’s always been resistance in the shape of formidable literature, powerful art movements and people of courage fighting apathy and inspiring us all to ROAR more! 

Nymphs & Thugs | Roaring 20s Radio
Roaring 20s Radio on Soho Radio
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