Salena Godden

Salena Godden is a true icon of the UK spoken word scene, and one of the country’s foremost poets and writers. She is also a social and political activist, and has performed her work around the world.

“Salena Godden is a tour de force. Rather than perfecting a style, Salena is style. Like most artists of note, there is no-one like her.”Lemn Sissay

Her ‘LIVEwire’ album is a compilation of live and studio recordings, archive content and brand new work. In 2017 it was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award, and is on 2LP gatefold vinyl, CD and zine.

Salena Godden | Nymphs & Thugs

Salena is the author of poetry collections ‘Under The Pier’ (Nasty Little Press) and ‘Fishing In The Aftermath’ (Burning Eye), literary memoir ‘Springfield Road’ (Unbound) and ‘The Good Immigrant’ essay ‘Shade’.

Her latest publication is ‘Pessimism Is For Lightweights: 13 Pieces of Courage and Resistance’ on Rough Trade Books. She released the ‘Live at Byline Festival EP‘ on National Poetry Day 2018 and ‘The Lockdown EP‘ in May. She also contributed to Tongue Fu track ‘Birds‘, which was released in November.

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Salena Godden ‘Under The Pier’
Salena Godden ‘I Want to Be Your Wife’