Since the beginning of May 2020, we’ve been hosting weekly Insta sessions with guests from all over the UK and further afield. These relaxed 30-minute sessions blend performance with insightful conversations from leading and emerging poets.

Up next, we welcome Patrizia Longhitano! Patrizia was born in Brazil but for most of her life, she lived in Italy with her adoptive parents until 2005 when she decided to move to the UK. Since then, she has been living in London working as a nanny.

Some of her poems have appeared in Painted Spoken, Harana Poetry Magazine, the Un Nuevo Sol anthology, The Rialto Magazine, and The South Bank Poetry Magazine.

Nymphs & Thugs | Patrizia Longhitano
Insta sessions #43: Patrizia Longhitano on Tuesday 4 May
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