As we hurtle through a heatwave, our ‘Summer Special’ featured the usual art, culture, books, poetry, and activism for you. We also had our first in-person interview since March, as we were joined in Salena’s kitchen by artist Kelly-Anne Davitt.

You can now listen back in full via most of the major podcast providers, or via this handy link on our page. Hope you enjoy it!

Roaring 20s Radio Episode 9: Summer Special–08-08-20-ehqdua/a-a2st6g1

In case you missed today’s episode of Roaring 20s Radio, it’s now available as a podcast in most of the usual places including Spotify and Apple Music. Click here for the podcast links to Episode 5: The Isolation tapes.

This episode features Salena Godden, Amah-Rose Abrams and Matt Abbott recording their own individual segments whilst socially distancing. As well as the usual round-ups, they have special guest recordings and music tracks to make one big juicy episode.

Nymphs & Thugs | Roaring 20s Radio

Episode 6 will be broadcast on Soho Radio‘s Culture channel on Saturday 9 May from 4-6pm. You can follow the show on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Happy listening!