Salena Godden at ‘March 4 Women’

What can we say?! A video clip of Salena Godden doing what Salena Godden does best. She performed her brand new poem ‘Pessimism Is For Lightweights’ at Trafalgar Square for the #March4Women rally.

The rally attracted around 10,000 people, and Salena’s new poem is set to be featured in a pamphlet on Rough Trade Books, containing 13 pieces of courage and resistance.

In the mean time, check out her Ted Hughes Award shortlisted compilation album ‘LIVEwire’, available on CD, 2LP gatefold vinyl and high quality colour zine!

Salena on the march with Sunetra Sunny Senior and Sophie Cameron, plus her new ‘Pessimism Is For Lightweights’ umbrella – courtesy of Art Director Dickie!

Salena Godden #March4Women | Nymphs & Thugs