Insta sessions #29: Luke Wright on 26 Jan

Since the beginning of May, we’ve been hosting weekly Insta sessions with guests from all over the UK and further afield. These relaxed 30-minute sessions blend performance with insightful conversations from leading and emerging poets.

After a short festive break, we return for 2021 with Luke Wright on Tuesday 26 January. Luke is an internationally renowned poet and playwright. His ‘TWENTY’ album was released by Nymphs & Thugs in 2019 on 2LP gatefold vinyl and marked two decades on the stage for Luke.

Nymphs & Thugs | Luke Wright
Insta sessions #29: Luke Wright on Tuesday 26 January

Luke’s hugely acclaimed stage shows include ‘What I Learned From Johnny Bevan’, ‘Frankie Vah’ and ‘The Remains of Logan Dankworth’.

This session will be hosted by Matt Abbott. All 28 of our previous sessions are available to stream back in full on our Facebook page, YouTube channel and IGTV channel. Find more information and share the event over on Facebook. Our latest session with James McDermott is available to view below.

Insta sessions #28: James McDermott